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  • How to make an order


    1 To make a purchase, you must register in the section "Registration".

    2. On the e-mail address you put in the registration form, you will receive a confirmation of your request for registration. Click on the link in it to confirm your registration.

    3 Log in to your profile on the site.

    4 You can choose the products in the product catalog by pressing the "Buy" button available on the page of each product. After pressing it, the product is added to your cart.

    5 Once you have finished selecting products can enter the cart located in the upper right corner of the page. In the cart you can change quantity of a product or delete the product. If you decide to continue with the purchase, click "Checkout".

    6 Step 1 - "Delivery Address" - you can choose a different delivery address and whether you want an invoice. After entering all necessary data press "Continue".

    7 Step 2 - "Payment" - select payment method and press "Continue".

    8 Step 3 - "Confirmation" - you fill in the check box (check box) "I accept the terms and conditions" and click "ORDER"

  • Payment with a bank card

    To make a purchase and pay with credit card is required to perform steps 1 through 8 in the previous section "How to Order".

    When selecting a method of payment card:

    • Open the payment of our servicing Bank (UBB), where you enter your card details (number, expiry date, security code, name)

    • If you are registered in the authentication schemes Verified by VISA or MasterCard SecureCode authentication page opens your issuing bank where you enter your password for authentication

    • Upon successful transaction (successful authentication and authorization), the screen displays a transaction receipt that you print or save.

    • The money is deducted on your card immediately after successful payment confirmed.


    Terms of payment card for the selected product / service:

    • We accept payment with the following cards: MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, V PAY

    • Please note that your V PAY or MasterCard Electronic card will be accepted only if registered for participation vshemite online authentication Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode.

    • The maximum amount per transaction is 10 000 lev.

    • transaction currency for payment by card is Bulgarian lev (BGN). If the site has prices in currencies other than Bulgarian lev, they are for informational purposes only and may not be exactly the same with the accrued amount on your card in the same currency.

    • If you need refund of card amounts contracted and carried out by us, it will be done by us using a credit card transaction, which payment is made.


    Policy to ensure data protection payment

    United Merchants PLC makes every effort to provide reliable protection of your e-shop. To protect you from abusive payment with your Visa or MasterCard, we apply the best practices recommended by the international card organizations:

    • Security in the introduction and transmission of card data is provided using the SSL protocol to encrypt the connection between our server and the payment of our servicing bank

    • The authenticity of your card is verified by introducing a security code (CVV2)

    • In addition, to identify you as the cardholder's payment server of our servicing bank supports the authentication schemes of international card organizations - Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode, if you are registered to use them.

  • Other payment methods

    Besides payment  with debit or credit card, you can pay your order by:


    1 Cash (payment on delivery)


    Given the ordered goods, pay the amount due to the courier. You can check the shipment and if it meets your order, pay the amount due to the courier. The amount to be paid is stated on the invoice accompanying the products ordered. Insurance costs of delivery shall be borne by Handy-Tel Ltd.


    2 Payment by ePay

    If you have a debit card issued by a Bulgarian bank can pay through the system of ePay.bg. In choosing this method, you will be transferred to the page ePay.bg, where you must enter your username and password and confirm the payment. Follow all steps to be returned to the page handy.bg, to confirm the order. Order will be executed after receipt of the transfer in our bank account.


    3 Payment by bank transfer

    If you choose payment method "Bank Transfer", our associate will contact you to confirm the order and then to Your e-mail address will receive a proforma invoice on the basis of which to make the payment. Order will be executed after receipt of the transfer in our bank account.


    4 Hire purchase

    You can buy your chosen payment products by TBI Bank and UniCredit. After selecting the products you should choose the "Buy with leasing" in the cart. It is necessary to go through all the steps in order to properly fill out the required data. After finalizing the order, we will contact you for confirmation. Your data will be sent to the TBI Bank or UniCredit for consideration and approval of consumer credit. Consultant from the financial institution will contact you to obtain additional information. Upon approval of the loan, required documents (application-declaration, consumer loan agreement, etc..) will be sent to you for signature by the courier company. The delivery of the documents is free for you. After receiving the duly signed documents for the loan, we will send you the goods ordered.

  • Money back policy

    Each user has the right to withdraw from the ordered goods within 14 / fourteen / calendar days of receipt of delivery. Goods that the consumer is obliged to return to Handy should be in a good condition, without external and / or internal abrasions, scratches or other injuries, set in original commercial packaging, which is derived from Handy. The product must not be used. The returned products must be accompanied by a guarantee card, provided by HANDY(original), original copies of the invoice and a receipt.

    The value of returned goods shall be refunded to the consumer within 14 days from the date on which the consumer is informed HANDY for his decision to withdraw from the sales contract.

    Withdrawal form from purchase can be found HERE.

  • Delivery

    The delivery of orders above 50 lev, subscription plans or devices with subscription is free for you. In all other cases the delivery is worth 5 lev VAT and it will be invoiced in the sales of products ordered.


    Orders made ​​before 13.00 hours on working days (Monday to Friday) are shipped the next day.


    Orders placed on weekends are processed and shipped within two days.


    The delivery time depends on the products ordered and settlement, to which should be the delivery. Handy-Tel Ltd reserves the right to change these terms of delivery.


    Products ordered in handy.bg ship with courier company Rapido Express and Logistics Ltd.


    The goods are sent to the customer after confirmation of payment types Bank Transfer, Credit / Debit Card, Easy Pay.

  • Warranty

    All products offered on the electronic site HANDY are new (unless expressly stated) and are supplied by the official importers and representatives.

    Page of each product is specified term of the warranty, if any.

    The guarantee period starts from the date of purchase.

    The warranty does not apply to the battery and accessories to the product, including: panels, charger, multimedia card, hands-free headset cable for data transmission, etc.

    The company is not responsible for omissions of the manufacturer software version of the device, but if possible, they will be removed.

    Lifetime of the battery and its characteristics depend entirely on compliance with the operating rules prescribed by the manufacturer.

    The warranty is roll! Upon resale of the product warranty is void!

    Conditions that do not recognize the warranty are:

    - Lack of guarantee documents or invalidity of these documents, namely: mismatch repair, illegible or missing serial number of the product of customer data and other;

    - Any cases of damage caused by misuse, dropping, impact, improper storage of liquid, attempts to repair and software intervention by unauthorized persons;

    - Loading with non-original chargers or other external influences contrary to the requirements of the manufacturer;

    Products used to provide defect subject to warranty service if under warranty.

    Warranty and payment document should be kept by the buyer to the expiration of the warranty period and is presented in the need to perform warranty repairs.

    The repair is carried out by authorized importers of the product service centers. Free and in the shortest possible time removed any damage incurred during the warranty period. The exception is where such damage is caused by failure to comply with the rules of transportation, storage and installation, and / or are the result of improper handling of the device, in which case the goods are not subject to warranty and issued in its purchase warranty card canceled!

    The maximum period for warranty repair damage is 30 calendar days from the date of acceptance of the unit for repair.

    Upon receipt of a product warranty due to the complaint filed by the customer, the company provides good customer turnover, similar or identical to advertise for the duration of the warranty service.

    Damaged goods can be left for repairs at any of the outlets on the hand of the territory of Bulgaria or sent to the central office of the Merchant at:. Sofia, PO Box 1799, rn "Mladost 2" Blvd. "Andrei Lyapchev" No 54, by putting the goods in accordance with the contract of sale is free to the user.

  • Contact information

    Bulgaria, Sofia, 54 Andrey Lyapchev Blvd.

    Customer Phone: 0700 10 830

    tel. +359 2 464 70 94

    tel. +359885664568

    Fax: +359 2 971 35 86

    E-mail: eshop@handybg.com


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